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Monday, April 02, 2007

May I suggest an outing?

Ah, I often have the opportunity to enjoy a quiet Tuesday evening at home, while my wife, Black Kat (aka Kat, aka Meow) is off line dancing with good friends. Sometimes though, I get a little bored and maybe even a little lonely. I've found an opportunity to remedy that though...at least for 1 Tuesday! Pathetically, I have only tonight become a Friend of Harpoon, but whilst searching their sight, I came upon an event that moistened my beer tasting buds. On April 17, Harpoon is having a 100 Barrel Series event with its #18 Refsvindinge Private Stock Danish Farmstock Ale. The event is at the Old Spot Pub in Salem, MA from 6-8pm. "Friends" get their 1st beer free. I say.....now that's something to drink to! Let us send our women dancing while we manly men drink some free beer!



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