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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vermont - Day 1 - Part 1

Off to Waterbury, VT we went. The traffic was rather heavy and our ez pass wasn't being detected properly. We didn't let it hold us back. It took about 3 hours and some change to reach Waterbury.

It was foggy on the way, but when we reached Waterbury it started to rain harder. With the Jeep top off, we were ok on the highway, but once we slowed down, we started to get wet. So, we pulled into a gas station and put on the top (Yes, we were topless).

After getting settled in the hotel, we ventured off to the Alchemist. We quickly located it at the center of the town. Once entering, we could tell that it was a local hang out. The bar and dining area are separated by a half wall and there was a pool table located in the back. It was rather busy, so we decided to take a seat at the bar.

We decided to share a pizza and taste their beers. Here's what they had to offer and our informal review...

Grote Bruin (ABV 7.9% IBU 8) 12 oz - A Belgian Style brown ale that gets it's unique flavor from our house strain of Belgian yeast and a delicate blend of spices.

This dark brown ale was poured into a shaped glass (12oz serving) containing a fully diminishing off white head that left a very small trail on the glass. The aroma was similar to a geuze and smelled wild yeast like, sorta like sour grapes and vinegar.

With an active burst of carbonation on the palate, it tasted modernly sweet initially with a light bitter finish. Light in body, it was a little water. The palate was left wanting more. Amber and I agreed that this was a decent offering.

(Unofficial score 21-7-3-7-4)

Heady Topper (8.0% ABV/120 IBU) 12 oz - Is our double I.P.A.! Loaded with hops, this one will put hair on your chest.

The menu describes this as an American Double IPA brewed with pearl malts and a hugh amount of hops. The Heady Topper pours a dark yellow - light amber color with a hazy body topped off with a good size head and great lacing. The nose immediately danced for joy when detecting the strong spruce/piny hops with hints of lemon.

The initially harsh bitter taste mellowed out over time for a moderately bitter finish over a long duration. Softly carbonated, with a medium body, the creamy feel was enjoyed by the palate. The power of the hops reminded us of the Ruination IPA. It was stronger than the taste of fries with garlic ketchup.

(Unofficial review 24-8-4-8-4)

Rapture (7.77% ABV/77.7 IBU) 12 oz - An American Double IPA for those of us left behind. Brewed with nugget and simcoe hops. Jesus is coming, look busy. Release date 07-07-07

The Rapture pours a dark amber murky color with a overflowing white creamy mostly diminishing head. A Strong sprucy aroma was noted along with a strong bread malt presence. Also detected were strong citrus hops with grapefruit and a presence of alcohol. The lively carbonation feel was unable to mask the initially bitter taste that finished the same for a long duration. Creamy in texture and leaving a oily feel on the palate. It wasn't as bitter as the heady topper, but the Rapture was very enjoyable.

(Unofficial review 23-8-4-7-4)

Holy Cow IPA(5.2% ABV/85 IBU), session IPA. For hops lovers - this bitter ale is pale colored and made with a blend of 6 different malts and 5 different hops. This ale is dry-hopped for extra flavor and aroma.

We enjoyed the Holy Cow from the cask. The light amber body was topped by a great white head that lasted for a while left behind a great trail. Similar spruce hops were noted, as were hints of grapefruit, but the nose also detected buttery notes.

The mouth enjoyed the moderately bitter initial taste that lessened to a light bitter finish over a long duration. We enjoyed the creamy grapefruit feel on the palate.

(Unofficial review 22-7-4-7-4)

Donovan's Red ABV 5.16% IBU 28 - Named after Donovan's, a 19th century Irish restaurant in downtown Waterbury. This medium-bodied, red-colored ale has a nice hop flavor and aroma.

Donovan's Red pours a dark red - murky body with a large white head. After diminishing, it left behind beautiful lacing. It was very different the a typical red. The malty presence was strong, but the nose also detected a pleasant hop aroma. Much hoppier than a typical red. The initial moderately bitter taste moved into a sour finish for an average duration. Light in body and with lively carbonation, the creamy texture made the mouth happy. This was very different. I would definitely drink this again.

Pappy's Porter ABV 5.42% IBU 45 - Is a dark mahogany ale with great malt depth and balanced with supple bitterness.

Pappy's Porter pours a dark, muddy body with a large creamy head. It diminished over time and left good lacing. The burnt malt aroma was similar to coal. The moderately bitter initial taste was buttery. The bitter finish perked up our palate like a lemon would do. We were surprised and pleased with the hoppy feel on the palate. It was creamy and butter with a chewy feel. It was a very unique porter- yum yum.

(Unofficial review 19-6-3-7-3)

Light Weight ABV 4.33% IBU 14 - Our lightest beer. German pilsner malt and American hops gives this beer a light, crisp finish. Made with the light beer drinker in mind. Bronze Medal Winner 2006 World Beer Cup

After chatting with Ian the bartender, he recommended that we try the light weight. He feels that anyone can make an over the top beer and it's difficult to make an enjoyable light beer. We agree.

The light weight pours a typical thin light yellow color, but that's where it stopped being typical. It was very aromatic with a malty, light bread aroma and buttery notes. Initially sweet with a light bitter taste, it was very clean with a slight hint of hops. It was mouth watering goodness with a creamy refreshing feel on the palate. I would drink this light weight again.

(Unofficial review 19-6-3-7-3)

OK, I can't say enough. Sorry if I repeated myself over an over again. This place is awesome. Excellent service and atmosphere. The prices of the food/drinks is reasonable and the menu had many tasty choices. We give Ian and Kenny, the bartenders, four thumbs up. We definitely want to return and bring our friends/family.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Looking to Catch Some Zzzzzs?

I spent a short time online search for information on growing hops....for no other reason than I thought it would be cool to do. It turns out that it's a rather inexpensive effort, but that the plants must be cared for and maintained throughout their annual lifecycle. I am intrigued and tempted to try it out, but not until next spring, as you are supposed to plant them in the spring and they bloom in late August or early September in this region.

Well, all that information was not intended to put you to sleep, but if it did, I apologize. The reason for the title is actually one of interest. Hops have many uses and effects on the human body beside the wonderful feeling you get when sipping a tasty beer! In fact, according to several websites that sell hop rhizomes (hops seeds), if you were an insomniac and were to fill your pillowcase with hops, your insomnia would actually be remedied! Amazing!! So, I guess if you're having trouble sleeping and you don't have any hops lying around....just have another beer!!?? Right??

Vermont or Burst... (um bust)

This weekend, Amber and I will be headed on a spectacular extravaganza in Vermont. This will be my first trip ever to Vermont and I am pumped that this is the start of the Vermont Brewery passport challenge (Note: Don't worry, you have a year to fill out the passport.)

Our stop this evening will be in Waterbury, VT 05676. The home of The Alchemist Pub and Brewery.

From their website:

The Alchemist is a 7 barrel brew pub specializing in hand-crafted beer and casual pub fare. All of our ales are brewed in our basement brewery, which was designed and installed by our brewer John Kimmich. We use only the finest imported malts and domestic hops available to bring you the tastiest and finest selection of beers in Vermont! In addition to our house-made ales, we have an eclectic menu featuring Vermont products and seasonal produce. Our talented chefs serve delightful appetizers, grilled panini sandwiches, flatbread pizzas, vegetarian fare and hearty entrees. Come in and enjoy a taste of Vermont in our cozy pub surrounded by the work of local artists!

On Saturday, we expect to spend a day in Burlington. Here are some possible breweries:

* American Flatbread - Burlington Hearth/Zero Gravity Brewery*
* Magic Hat Brewing Co.
* Orlio Organic Beer
* Switchback Brewery
* Three Needs
* Vermont Pub & Brewery

So many to choose from...

On Sunday, we hope to drop in on Long Trail in Bridgewater Corners VT 05035 and plan to attend the Harpoon BBQ festival in Windsor, VT 05089.

More to follow next week.

Have a safe weekend.

Drink Craft Beer, You've Earned it!!

A Great Event Returns to Yankee Homecoming

(A message from George)
I am deeply saddened and much chagrined that there has not been a post regarding this much appreciated and long anticipated event. That a mere guest reviewer and member of the 2BeerGuys fan club is the one to announce the recurrence of this event is sad....not sad as in depressing and regretful.....but sad as in pathetic and awful!

Anyway, enough with the drama! The Microbrewers' Festival has returned to Yankee Homecoming. Here's the release with all the information we have to date:

Wednesday August 1:

You can pre-party at the Yankee Homecoming Microbrewers Festival, which runs from 6 to 9 p.m. behind the Custom House Maritime Museum at 25 Water St. Admission is $25 at the door, and allows you to sample brews from 15 of New England's best microbrewers. The Zach Field Quartet offers some upbeat background music, and food will be available for purchase. Be sure to check out the solar stage - making this a green event. For advance tickets or information, call the C-10 Research and Education Foundation at 987-465-6646.

I'm more than ready to go! Anyone else interested??


My dear George and the humble messenger,

Thank you for posting this information. I have been searching for the exact details on this event and I am glad that you had this available. A post on this topic was coming in the near future, but you beat me to the punch.

When searching for details on this event, which is a Yankee Homecoming event, I was unable to locate any information a couple of weeks ago. Check it out: http://www.yankeehomecoming.com

If you aren't able to locate the information, I have discovered that they tucked it here on this page: http://www.yankeehomecoming.com/Day5.html

I have actually contacted the organizers on Tuesday to see if they needed volunteers. I spoke to a live person and they said that I would be called back (or emailed). Good thing I am not holding my breath :)

Well, thanks for the post.. and sounds like George needs to change his pad :)


Drink Craft Beer, You've earned it!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Presenting the Seventh Annual CBC Bass and Beer Festival!!!

Here's the latest information from CBC



Only Four Days Away!!!

Don't miss this one of a kind celebration of the mighty atlantic striped bass.

Saturday, July 28th 5:00pm-11:00
On Saturday, July 28th from 5:00pm to 11:00pm the CBC will host its 7th annual Bass and Beer festival. Continuing with the development of beer-cuisine the menu will feature four courses of beer-infused sea bass dishes each paired with a complimentary beer. Each course will be available a la carte. Reservations will be accepted for parties of six or more. Call 617-494-1994 for more information.

Tuesday's Cask Series:
Tuesday July 24 - Cambridge Amber Ale with Columbus dryhops 5.25%abv
Tuesday July 31 - Cambridge Amber Ale with Simcoe dryhops 5.25%abv
Tuesday August 7 - Cambridge Amber Ale with U.K. Fuggles dryhops 5.25%abv

Middle Eastern Veggie and Striped Sea Bass Soup
½ Pint of Cambridge Amber

Striped Sea Bass Cocktail with Cerise Cassee granita.
Tulip glass of Golden Ring Abbey Pale Ale

Carpaccio of Striped Sea Bass with spicy olive tapenade and lemon aioli
Flute glass of CBC HefeWeizen

Seared Striped Sea Bass served atop chilled-grilled chicory greens
and balsamic-tomato oil
½ pint Bitchin' Bitter

Striped Sea Bass Waldorf Salad with Pale Ale dressing
½ pint Regatta Golden Ale

Saffron Braised Striped Sea Bass with toasted almond Basmati rice, roasted Roma tomatoes, and garlicky french beans
12oz. flute glass L'amour du Jour

Pan Roasted Striped Sea Bass with Celery Root Mash, broccoli rabe,
and Key Lime and sriracha aioli
Wine stem glass of Tiger Bite

Striped Sea Bass Piccata with orzo salad
Tulip glass of Saison du CBC

Striped Sea Bass in Puff Pastry with grilled asparagus, champagne dressed lettuces, and roasted yellow and red pepper coulis
Tulip glass of Tripel Threat Belgian-style strong ale

Charcoal-grilled, garlic marinated Striped Sea Bass with grilled Tuscan bread, corn on the cob, vinegary collard greens with pancetta, and cilantro mango salsa
Pint Tall Tale Pale Ale

CBC Revolutionizing Beer-Cuisinewww.cambridgebrewingcompany.com


In our pre-bass fest frenzy I forgot to answer some pertinent questions in my last email. So, here's a list provided by none other than...You Guys.

Bass and Beer Festival.
Saturday, July 28th 5pm-11pm
Rain or Shine


Q: What if someone in my party doesn't want Striped Bass?
A: Our entire dinner menu will be available during the festival as well as the bass dishes.

Q: Are the beer pairings complimentary or complementary?
A: OK, so I don't know how to spell. Actually, the pairings are complementary as in "they complement the dishes". The price of the beer is included in the price for each. (see prices below)

Q: How much is this gonna cost me?
A: All dishes are available a la carte and each price includes the beer pairing. Please see the full menu below for prices. (I know, my boss can't believe I forgot to put the prices on the menu either. Whoops.)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Maine or bust....

On Saturday, I spent a long period of time in a car with the Wallen Duo. Not just any car, but a Prius. WOO HOOO. The Wallens were reminded quickly how fun I am on a long car trip.

(We sang songs, Andy grumply told us stories and asked "are we there yet" over 100 times)

Anyways, we planned to visit the "The Liberal Cup" in Hallowell, Maine. We should have checked ahead, because when we got close, there were tons of cars and people walking around. We ended driving right through "Hallowell Days". We decided to take a rain check and headed towards Portland.

On the way, eagle eye Andy noticed Kennebec Brewing Company, in Gardiner, Maine. Making a quick u-turn and we ventured back to the brewery to check it out. It has a nice small pub (named Friggin Sturgin Pub). We ordered a draft ESB and Stout. The stout was very active in the glass and was very creamy. We both enjoyed the stout. The ESB was ok. There was an interesting sign on the door stating that they were looking for a partner to help them out with the business.

When we were finished, we headed back to Portland to eat at the Great Lost Bear. They offer 50+ beers on tap. Mostly Maine brews, but had other offerings. We enjoyed a Big A IPA and 60 min IPA. Yum. The menu was extensive and offered typical pub food. For an appetizer we tried cheese fries with bacon. Very tasty.

The Great Lost Bear is the Sunset tap and gill of Maine. Not as many offerings, but still a place to visit.

Quick Comic

Quick comic
(provided by Curley Stout)


Saturday, July 21, 2007

mmmmm, donuts

Homer Simpson, our hero. Who else could inspire a company to make a batch of ice cream that incorporates both beer AND donuts. What a wonderful world we live in...

Ben & Jerry's to offer 'Simpsons' flavor
Published: Thursday, July 19, 2007
Free Press Staff Report

You can imagine Homer Simpson falling asleep at night and dreaming of ice cream with two of his favorite flavors -- beer and doughnuts.

Vermont's famous ice-cream maker, Ben & Jerry's, will bring that new concoction to Vermont's newly famous town, Springfield, for the premiere of "The Simpsons" movie this weekend. The town won a recent contest among communities sharing a name with the fictitious home base of "The Simpsons," and will host a daylong celebration and several premiere showings of the new film on Saturday.

Ben & Jerry's Homer homage is called "Duff & D'oh-Nuts," and according to a news release from the ice-cream maker is an "extremely limited, one-time and one-day-only flavor" that's "a combination of chocolate and cream stout ice creams with glazed chocolate donuts." Duff is the brand of beer featured in "The Simpsons" television series, and doughnuts are Homer's culinary raison d'etre.

In another nod to Homer, Ben & Jerry's will for one day rename its Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor "Chocolate Chip Cookie D'oh!" in reference to Homer's famous exclamation.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Festival of Ale

There is a "Festival of Ale" in Worcester on September 15th. It looks like it could be an interesting and enjoyable beer-filled time.

"An annual event showcasing dozens of beers from many of New England's premier breweries. New this year: all samples will be included in one ticket price!"


Monday, July 16, 2007

Bigger not always better

OK, time for a quick rant. It seems like we've been seeing a drastic increase in the number of "big beers" out there. Double this, imperial that. Now, some of these beer are fantastic. Some, however, should never have been brewed in the first place. This past weekend was a good example... I tried Maharaja double IPA from Avery brewing for the first time. it weighs in at 9.8% ABV. A strong ale by any estimation. It was amazing, one of the best strong IPAs I've ever had. The hops were so pronounced on the nose and just bitter enough to help hide the alcohol, so that it made a drinkable and incredibly flavorful beer. Then, I tried the Founder's Devil Dancer. Awful, nasty, wretched experience. A triple IPA at 13% ABV, this is a beer that was brewed just because someone wants to try to say they make the strongest IPA out there. They may have succeeded at that, but they failed miserably at making a beer most people can drink. The only thing I could experience in this beer was heat. Alcohol just overwhelmed all else except a little syrupy sweetness. Nothing pleasant about it. Maybe if was just me, I'll have to let Tim, Sean and Ryan speak for themselves, but I didn't even finish my 3 oz sample.

Beer is supposed to be about flavor. Even the strong styles like Imperial Stouts, Barleywines, Belgian dubbel and Trippel's all are first about the overall flavor (and aromas, of course), then about the kick. We seem to be in an era where small breweries are trying to distinguish themselves by how strong a beer they can make, or how many IBU's they can claim. I hope too many of them don't lose sight of the overall package. It still needs to be a pleasant drinking experience.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Vegimite Sandwhich

Vegimite Sandwich - Introduced by our favorite band down under, I was curious to learn more about the Vegimite Sandwich. So, I searched on Wikipedia. Here's what I found:

Vegemite is a dark brown, salty food paste made from yeast extract, used mainly as a spread on sandwiches and toast , as well as a filling of pastries like Cheesymite scroll, and occasionally in cooking. It is similar to British Marmite and Swiss Cenovis.

Vegemite is made from leftover brewers' yeast extract, a by-product of beer manufacture, and various vegetable and spice additives. The taste may be described as salty, slightly bitter, and malty - somewhat similar to the taste of beef bouillon. The texture is smooth and sticky, much like peanut butter. It is less sweet than its British counterpart Marmite, and has a more natural, less processed flavour.[citation needed]

Vegemite is popular with many Australians and New Zealanders at home and abroad who often comically described it as their "national food." However, it is not liked by all Australians, and it has not been successfully marketed in other countries. Nevertheless, Vegemite is an Australian cultural icon and can be found in various shops around the world, particularly where there are large populations of Australian expatriates.

Vegemite was invented in 1923 by food technologist Dr. Cyril P. Callister when his employer, the Australian company Fred Walker & Co, tasked him with developing a spread from brewer's yeast, following the disruption of supplies of imported yeast spreads after World War I. Vegemite was registered as a trade mark in Australia that same year. The registration was later transferred to Kraft Foods, a U.S. multinational, which has maintained an interest in Vegemite since the 1920s.

Still Hungry?

To learn more:


Vermont Brewers Association challanges you to visit all 18 breweries

Vermont Brewers Association challenges you to visit all 18 breweries


Attention Craft Beer Fans!
The Vermont Brewers Association is challenging YOU to visit as many Vermont breweries as you can- and offering rewards to those who are up to the task! Official passports are available at breweries, as well as online at http://vermontbrewers.com.

With a total of 18 breweries currently in the state of Vermont- that is the most breweries per capita in the country!- this is no small task, but it can be done. If 18 breweries sounds like too many for you to handle, don't despair.

There will be prizes for visiting just 4 or 10 breweries, though folks will have to tour ALL breweries for the Grand Prize: a Collector's Set of Vermont Beer Gear. Information on all the breweries, and their locations, can be found online at http://vermontbrewers.com, as well as a map to help you plan your route. Fortunately Vermont is a small state. Happy Touring!

Full details and downloadable passports will be available on the website by July 18.

Special Thanks for Beer Advocate who officially reported this information


Asahi Beerbot

If there's anything we like more than robots, it's beer-pouring robots. The Asahi Beerbot ($800) became an internet star when videos of it first appeared, and now you have the chance to own one yourself. The 'bot stores and refrigerates six cans — although it was designed for 350ml Japanese cans, it works with 355ml American cans just fine — and features a programmable voice, cleaning mode, and child lock. Beer. Pouring. Robot.

Thanks Uncrate!! for sharing
Official link

• Stores and refrigerates 6 cans
• Programmable voice (male, female, or custom)
• Cleaning mode
• Child lock

Included in Delivery:
• 2 custom glass mugs
• 6 Foam cup bases
• Plastic floor protector
• Instructions in Japanese and English

Robocco is designed for Japanese size (350ml) cans, but we tested it with American-sized (355ml) cans and it worked just fine. Of course, we have no guarantee as to whether it will work with every foreign can, so keep this in mind before you buy. Having the proper can height is the most important factor in opening the can.

Also, please keep in mind that these robots are used, but in near-perfect condition. Returns are not accepted, but we do test every Robocco before they are sent out to ensure proper working order.

Beer Pouring Robot

2 Beerguy Medley

Hello friends and 2Beerguy family,

It has been over a month since my last post. WOW. It's hard to imagine. Here's a quick summary of what's happened and things to come....

- We celebrated the 4th of July in proper fashion with a 1/2 barrel keg of Harpoon IPA. It was very tasty. Also, during our vacation in Maine, we enjoyed a tasty dinner at the SeaDog restaurant-pub in Bangor.

- The Ignace Ogre and Wallen's Wit has conditioned in the bottle long enough. The top has been pop and the beer has been tasted. Those who have tried it have been amazed with the quality and how tasty it is. I am quite pleased with both the Ogre and the Wit. Last evening, Ian and I officially reviewed the Wit and will include this into our beer table (soon). (Tasters - at different times - Andy, Nerissa, Ian, Kristen, Amber and I)

- Boston Beer Works: It's summer time and Redsox season. What goes good with baseball? BEER!! When going to the Redsox game last week, we made a pit stop in the Beer Works and enjoyed a tasty beer. (This visit was with Amber, Ian, Kristen, Don, Liz and I.)

George and I found ourselves in Salem on Tuesday and had to stop by the Salem Beer Works. It was a rather quick visit, but the beer was cold and tasty.

Upcoming Improv shows:

For those interested, I will be performing in a couple of improv shows this summer. We have teamed up with England's MicroCreamery in Haverhill, Ma. These shows will provide entertainment leading up to outdoor movies. The shows will be themed to match the movie being shown that evening. We will perform outside but, if there is rain, we will perform indoors at the ice cream place.

7/14 - Shrek
7/28 - The Producers
8/4 - Peter Pan
8/11 - Grease
9/1 - Spiderman
9/15 - Viewers Choice


Strange comments from a Strange land:
(irrelevant, but I needed to share)

I recently downloaded some Beta software from Panda. I was excited to test the software until it crashed my computer. When reporting this issue to the beta team, I noticed that they were in Bilbao, Spain. This is very close to where I was born, so I had to mark out:


I just noticed that you are in Spain.

I would like to let you know that I was born in the Bilbao area (Algorta).

I've never really been back to Spain ... what is it like around there?



Algorta is really a nice village. Very beautiful landscape and great seaport.
And right know weather is absolutely amazing!! About 30 ºC and very sunny. Hope it will last all the weekend!!
There are a couple of nice beaches on Algorta, as well. It is really close to Bilbao. You can even reach Algorta from Bilbao on metro.

Best regards,


When it rains, it pours. More blogs to follow.

Drink craft beer, You've earned it.

Brew #4

After the last attempt at a lighter, refreshing beer for the summer (see Wallen's Wit and our good looks), I'm turning towards the dark side tomorrow. I'll be whipping up an oatmeal wheat porter with the aid of my friend and old roommate Tim and beer guy Sean. The recipe is from the book, "Radical Brewing", which I highly recommend. It's about a 50/50 mix of wheat malt and 6-row, with smaller amounts of some crystal, black and oatmeal. only about 2 oz of hops in this one, with a 90 minute boil, and i decided to go with white labs irish ale yeast. In honor of both Sean and my spouses, who are big porter fans, this will be called the "Ball and Chain Porter".


Brew day was great. a little hot in the sun at times, but we were able to hide in the shade or inside whenever we needed to. Tim showed up at 11 and after I gave him a quick rundown of what we would be doing, we fired up the burner and started heating water for the mash-in. Sean and ryan showed up just as we were getting ready to start dumping in the grains, so they all pitched in there and we were off... the brewing process went pretty well and sean cooked up his famous kielbasa and Riss got some corn on the cob ready and we all had an excellent lunch. Then we got ready to drain off the wort and pitch the yeast. That's where adventure began... First, we missed the OG by more than I'd like. So instead of the targeted 6.5% abv, it'll probably be more like 5-5.5%. Oh well. I think I know why. During the vorlaf (sp?) we got a really nice, clean flow of wort. Good thing. Then we drained it into the kettle. Sean noted that it was going faster than usual. Good thing. Not. I should have remembered that the faster you flow, the less sugar you get with the wort. I think I rushed this step, and that's why I missed the OG. Good eye, beer guy Sean. Then, we went to pitch the yeast and disaster struck! I had left my bottle of White Labs in the kitchen for about 4 hrs (it says 3-6) and after giving it a good shaking, as soon as I cracked the seal, yeast started foaming out all over the place. Not good. It was almost 4:30. I was sure Woburn's Beer-Wine store closed at noon on saturdays. I was wrong! We checked online and found that they were open til 5pm. We all lept into the Beer Guy Jetta and Sean flew us to Woburn, arriving at 10 of 5. I grabbed a pack of Wyeast this time, we went home and pitched it. It is now happily bubbling away in the basement... During the day, we also got to share a few beers, I opened a couple bottles of the Wit, an Angry Ogre, we shared a Maharaja IPA and we tried Founders Devil Dancer. I was really happy with the Wit. That turned out the best so far! The Ogre was good and Maharaja was fantastic! Devil Dancer was wretched, but that's a story for another post...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Press release from Flying Dog Brewery

Flying Dog Brewery is running at GABF Sweepstakes promotion.

You can view the release here.